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Every 12 weeks I take my youth athletes through a series of tests. That week is very stressful not only In terms of collecting the data but trying to keep the workouts fun during the process (especially for the K-2 groups).

As stressful as it can be, it is always so rewarding so see the kids improve. Get faster, stronger and more confident. To see a kid for instance who cannot do a chin-up and see them progress -even to half a chin-up is so cool, not to mention when they progress to higher reps.

The testing indicates to me whether or not the programming is working, allows me to tweak things so I can always improve and gives the athlete a chance to perform.

There are many tests, some reserved only for the HS group but the staples are:

20M Sprint

Shuttle Drill

Standing Vertical Jump

Broad Jump

Max Rep Chin Ups

Max Rep Pushups

Monkey Bar Hang (As Long as Possible)

& The Beep Test.

Most of these tests should be done in their PE classes and even at other sporting clinics so the athletes will have a sense of familiarity when being tested. As a result, they should be confident and perform as opposed to confused and scared.

if we aren’t testing athletes then our programming has no direction.

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