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Mission Statement: 

To Educate and Empower each individual, so they can impact their families and friends and create a ripple effect in their communities in regards to Fitness, Skill Development, Wellness & Facing Challenges in life.

The Breakthrough Classes are Mon-Fri and are held at the Caliber Athletics Facility in Orem, Utah.

Classes consists of a dynamic warmup to begin, focusing on movement patterns, stretches and series that prepare the athletes to train & perform. 

We then get into basketball skills training. Focusing on the fundamental skills such as passing, dribbling and shooting. We also focus on concepts, situations and terminology that will help the athletes in their school or club teams. 

After that, we head to the weight room/turf. I focus on foundations with the kids, balance, movement patterns, acceleration & deceleration, jumping & Landing and variations of basic exercises such as Deadlifts, Squats, pressing movements and carries. 

For info on Private Training, call or send an email! 

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