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Motivation vs Discipline.

Think of your heroes. Okay, hopefully they are all people in your life that you can look up to and who have inspired you to become better. They’re aren’t perfect, they never are. They can even be fictional characters, yet we hold them to a different standard because they inspire us so much.

So, what makes them your hero? It’s their story. It’s their success. It’s their ability to overcome an obstacle, achieve a goal, persevere. When things get tough, when they get knocked down, when they are defeated, they get up and keep fighting.

We live in an amazing time. You can pretty much choose through all the avenues of media, the things that come your way. You can choose to block out negativity and uninspiring content. Information is literally at your fingertips when you want to know something.

Use all of these things. The example of your heroes, the content you choose to read, watch and listen to to motivate you. But, here is what determines whether you rely on motivation or if you are disciplined or not.

The alarm clock goes off. A reason to not train presents itself. Your coach asks you to do more of a particular drill than originally explained. The feeling of being uncomfortable is so present that your mind is screaming to stop and rest.

Do you stop? Do you rest? Do you sleep a little longer? Do you complain? Or do you get up? Do you keep going? Do you get the job done?

Motivation is fantastic. It is a vehicle we use in order to carry out tasks. BUT, motivation comes and goes. Motivation will only take you so far. Motivation will get you to the gym but discipline will get the rep done, the set done, the workout complete. It will enable you to get those shots up, to run those sprints, to defend and rebound harder and better. It will get you the victory, the spot on the team, the next paycheck, the promotion, the A in your class.

Ultimately the difference between the person who hits their snooze button and the person who gets up and gets the job done is the person who is the most disciplined versus the person who makes excuses.

Be motivated. Create that playlist. Watch that YouTube video. Listen to that podcast. BUT be disciplined and go out and get the job done because I bet your competition is out there working to get better and take what you are dreaming about. They always are.

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