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'The Basketball-Strength Guy'


a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.


advancedevelopment, step forward, successimprovement; More

  • an instance of achieving success in a particular sphere or activity.

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Mission Statement: 

To Educate and Empower each individual, so they can impact their families and friends and create a ripple effect in their communities in regards to Fitness, Skill Development, Wellness & Facing Challenges in life.

The Breakthrough Classes are Mon-Fri and are held at the Clear Home facility in Orem, Utah.

Classes consists of a dynamic warmup to begin, focusing on movement patterns, stretches and series that prepare the athletes to train & perform. 

We then get into basketball skills training. Focusing on the fundamental skills such as passing, dribbling and shooting. We also focus on concepts, situations and terminology that will help the athletes in their school or club teams. 

After that, we head to the weight room/turf. I focus on foundations with the kids, balance, movement patterns, acceleration & deceleration, jumping & Landing and variations of basic exercises such as Deadlifts, Squats, pressing movements and carries. 

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Let me make sure you understand something. You don’t find trainers like Ben just anywhere. Yes, he might be from Australia, but maybe that’s what’s wrong with so many trainers nowadays—they just don’t have that extra amount of care Ben puts into his clients to make sure they meet their goals. Maybe Australians have that down?!

From day one, Ben definitely made me feel like what I wanted to accomplish was within my means and he was honest the whole way through. He built me up when I needed it, but didn’t sugar coat reality when I needed, too. He’s got the professional side of his business down and he treats you like a person the whole time. He’s extremely knowledgeable in his profession and wants what’s best for you.

There simply isn’t another like Ben. If you want to reach your goals AND learn how to do it for years to come, too, rather than just be told what to do, Ben is your guy. Ben teaches a man how to fish. He doesn’t just show you or do it for you.

The world needs more trainers like Ben.



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Born in Hamilton, New Zealand but grew up in Melbourne, Australia. I began playing basketball at the age of six. I made my way through the ranks through my junior career and earned a spot on the Victorian team in 2002 where we won a Silver Medal at Nationals.

After a two year LDS mission, I earned an opportunity to play for the Manawatu Jets in the New Zealand Professional league. 

After, a knee injury I transitioned into Performance Coaching and Personal Training. My main goal being that I wanted to educate athletes on how to use Strength and Conditioning to prolong their careers, avoid injury and be more health conscious. 

I have been working with general population and athletes for over ten years now. 

NESTA - Certified Personal Trainer 

NESTA - Nutrition Coach

NASM - Certified Personal Trainer 

Health & Wellness Coach for Valley Behavioural Health (2015-2017)

Intern Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Utah (2016)

Master CPPS Coach  

- Advanced Certified Physical Preparedness Specialist

Completed the First ever 4A GenMax Course

Member of the DeFranco Insider, 4A Health Club & Ganon Baker Basketball Communities. 

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